"A Window into your Systems."

OVATION, Object Viewing & Analysis Tool for Integrated Object Networks, is an open source, graphical tool designed to work in a distributed system / heterogeneous ORB environment where the other ORBs support portable interceptors. This tool was derived from an earlier "distributed debugger" that did not offer the levels of extensibility OVATION offers and required substantially more work in order to integrate with any ORB. 

When building large distributed systems infrastructure, OVATION can serve to assist during the design and development stage as well as being able to support deployment. The availability of high quality, standards-compliant open source ORBs such as TAO and JacORB enable developers to commit to a cost effective, durable, standards- based infrastructure. CORBA's multi language approach allows the developers to integrate applications, without having to compromise individual applications requirements by using a single language environment. To enable development, and subsequently the management of such a diverse environment, tool capabilities must span the multiple stages of a project, and its range of platforms.

The OVATION Project goal is to provide capabilities for the developer during a system's design, its debug and test, and subsequent verification. It will also support production needs such as: fault isolation, performance monitoring, access management, load balancing/fail over, rolling upgrades. This project was initially funded by DARPA in conjunction with Boeing.

Benefits of OVATION

OVATION brings the power of visualization to bear on the complex interactions of distributed object systems.

  • The heart of OVATION is:
    (a) an extensible Probe Framework in which anybody can add their own probes and thus record application information as well as straight CORBA calls.
    (b) an extensible XML form for describing collected data.
    (c) an extensible visualization tool that can read and respond to data in
         the form mentioned in (b).
  • Interactive real-time viewing, or post-process replay.  
  • Extensibility that is "architected in", not an afterthought when somebody decides
    to create something new.
  • Written using Java and JacORB to facilitate use of the tool on any platform supprting a JVM. 

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