Boost is a rich collection of re-usable C++ source libraries. It is the perfect compliment to the other C++ products in OCI's open source product line. Boost is being widely adopted throughout the C++ development community. It has a very active user base who regularly contribute new features, and enhancements to existing features.

Boost offers the astute C++ developer a distinct advantage, by delivering tomorrow's C++ language features for use today. Many of Boost's libraries are already part of the draft C++ Standards Committee's Library Technical Report (TR1), or are proposed for the upcoming draft (TR2).

With Boost, C++ developers can rapidly deliver finely tuned, high performance, production ready software.

For those Boost developers/users that want to build their own boost libraries, but do not want to deal with Boost Jam, we have created scripts that allow users to build Boost 1.35 or current trunk with MPC.  You can download them from  Then follow the instructions in the README.

Boost is now an OCI tier 1 supported open source software product. OCI has successfully used Boost within various high performance systems and has recently integrated it with other OCI tools, such as MPC.

OCI's service offerings include classrom training, mentoring, general technical product support and consulting on the application of Boost for C++ development.

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