Private Training

All of our courses can be delivered at the client's facility or at our Education Center in St. Louis. OCI partners with training managers to develop custom training plans to best address their specific and unique business needs. We provide employee professional-development programs, specialized classes, and "boot camps" designed especially to benefit employee and project requirements.

Classes are designed to accommodate a maximum of 16 participants

  • This ensures that the instructor has sufficient time to address questions on an individual basis, which is essential to the learning process.

Classes consist of 6 hours of instruction per day over an 8-hour period

  • A typical training event runs from 8.30am to 3.30pm. Flexibility is built into the schedule to allow participants to arrive before class begins to work on exercises, and to stay after class to continue their practical work and ask questions.
  • We can also accommodate evening schedules. A typical evening event is delivered in 3-hour sessions from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

All class participants are provided with a premier reference textbook

  • Students are directed to appropriate sections in the textbook throughout instruction and given suggested reading assignments for further information on a given topic.

Classes are designed to utilize a substantial number of programming exercises

  • Projects are constructed to reinforce the concepts being learned.
  • Labs are often designed to span an entire course; as more concepts are studied, relevant techniques are incorporated into the project.

Classes are taught by active OCI Full-time practitioners

  • Utilizing consultants who are currently working with the technology being presented is essential in such a rapidly changing field.

Please review our course catalog.

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