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Partnering with Advantage

Human Resources is a labor-intensive business function. From leads to pre-screening to interviews, background checks, testing, etc., hiring the right people takes a great deal of time, money and energy. Advantage staffing specialists will work with your human resource specialists to develop standard hiring profiles and a streamlined process to engage the temporary staff you need, professionally and promptly. Our talent pool draws on only the best IT professionals in the industry and offers clients flexible terms and competitive pricing. Advantage provides the human capital that will enable your business capital to thrive.

Highly Skilled Resources

At Advantage we go through a rigorous process to pre-screen and qualify candidates. As an affiliate of Object Computing, Inc., Advantage has access to an established network of IT managers, software developers, and educators among others. Due to its position in the industry, your business can draw upon our ability to attract quality candidates. Our resources recognize that we make a perpetual investment in the professional development and training of our recruits. In fact, we have found that the caliber of our candidates is particularly high because of their ongoing motivation to learn.

Flexible Terms

Advantage offers an array of IT staffing services and allows the client to build the ideal employment arrangement. Advantage staffing models include:

  • Permanent Hire
  • Contract to Permanent Hire
  • Temporary Staffing

We provide experienced, qualified candidates that, while they may be temporary, have the makings of a great permanent hire. We offer our clients the right to hire any of our resources.

Competitive Rates

We know that sometimes the decision has to be based on price. We will work with our resources to reach an equitable, competitive rate. Also, the training and professional development programs that are available to your firm is a tremendous extra that we offer free of charge to Advantage hires. We stress the importance of continuing education, because that is the only way that your IT investment can be well-maintained over time.

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Advantage is an affiliate of Object Computing, Inc. created to fulfill the technical staffing needs of local industry.

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